Wilma Eiseman 2Dear Friends,

     I have decided to publish this web page both to define myself and also to get the word out about my new book, With Impunity. I’d just like everyone to know I was born and raised in the Seattle area; I went to the prestigious Lakeside School and then to Whitman College in Walla Walla. I have lived in Washington State most of my life. I have no criminal background. Also, I would like to use this forum to let you know that a lot of the things that have appeared about me online are not true. I dearly love the Pacific Northwest, the people here and what remains of the pristine wilderness I grew up with. The rugged coastline here is both the fodder and inspiration behind my writing and photography.

     I hold a Masters in Psychology and for many years was a fully licensed psychotherapist in Washington State. Eight years ago, during the chaotic restructuring of counselors’ licenses through the Department of Health in Olympia, my accrued clinical hours were yanked. Because I have always followed the state’s guidelines and have never had a direct complaint as a result, I suspect there was some outside meddling—probably financial. At the time, I was building an equestrian training center about five blocks from Microsoft.

     As a child, I grew up on a large working ranch outside of Snohomish, Washington. We had thirty-three head of cattle, three horses, three dogs and lots of barn cats. But, unfortunately, when I was fourteen my father died, and after that, my mother and I moved to Redmond, Washington, where she had bought the acreage I would one day turn into an equestrian facility. I’m not really that unusual but at the time I grew up, the seventies, single women without a father were viewed, essentially, as chattel. My father’s tragic death seemed to kick open the door to some incredibly predatory behavior.

     Here is the strange story: When I was a young girl, my parents, both of whom were teachers, enrolled me in some very advanced academic programs. Because I did quite well in these programs, it’s my belief that I may have attracted unwarranted attention of certain government think tanks, some of which may have been private firms. Although I don’t know everything about what’s happened over the years I have concluded, that I appear to have been put into some sort of psychological research group. This group seems to have been designed as some sort of a “social control”, perhaps to see what individuals will do under challenging conditions. It’s also not an accident that I went back to school and received a Masters in Psychology. Without going into great detail, a lot of the “testing” of this research group, went way beyond normal controls. My opinion is that, this research stuff may have had some legitimacy when I was younger, but I’m old enough now that it appears to me that it is basically just a bunch of greedy, unenlightened investors profiting off my ideas and theories—especially in the areas of film, tv, literature and marketing. Over the years, I’ve also worked in a number of different areas. My graduate training is in psychology, but I’m also an artist—a writer, photographer and musician. I have a Bachelors in Theatre. I have also worked a lot in the culinary field.

     Like my book, I view my life as a mystery. So far, none of my friends or relatives have volunteered to tell me what is exactly going on. Apparently, one of the rules of the “program” I’m in is that I should never know. Clearly, a lot of it has been about psychological manipulation—I guess to see what I’ll do next. Judging from what I view as intellectual property theft, a lot of it is also about greed. From experience, I will also say the people directly involved in this project are both generally undereducated and incredibly insensitive—yet insatiable in their desire for control. It doesn’t make any sense in terms of clinical research. There’s a lot discrimination— a lot of very “sick” humor that is both sexist and racist in nature. I would have to say, from my own background, this research project certainly violates APA ethical standards—largely too since it has been going on for years. No relevant data is really being gathered because I know I’m constantly being monitored, watched, taped, etc. I am surveilled constantly and have no privacy.

     My copyrighted book, With Impunity is based on a true story. Some of the things that happened on Vashon Island when I was living there, were very disturbing: inhabitants were violently attacked for no apparent reason—there were a number of questionable suicides and deaths. At the time, the island was saturated with environmental toxins. After I wrote an article in the local paper, The Beachcomber, about the deleterious health effects of nitrates and arsenic, I received several thinly-veiled death threats. At that point I hired a local private investigator. This book, was, in part, written from his excellent notes. Vashon remains a UFO hotspot. One thing I do know for sure, the confluence of violent attacks and strange events which besieged the island for years, completely terrorized the inhabitants. It has engendered nothing but fear and confusion. Read on if you wish.